By: Nicole, Natalie and Noelle Haddad

It is practically every teenage girl’s dream to meet the Backstreet Boys. They are one of the most popular boy bands today, not to mention some of the cutest guys around. When we were assigned to review their show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and meet the Backstreet Boys themselves, we were thrilled. These guys are truly amazing, selling millions of albums and creating an unmistakable image for themselves that is recognized worldwide. How were we to act in front of these celebrities and what were we supposed to say? With those questions in mind, we prepared ourselves for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
The night of the Backstreet Boys concert, we drove to the MGM Grand with the first track from their "Millennium" album, “Larger Than Life,” on our stereo. We were dressed in our best as we entered the MGM Grand Garden Arena.
As we entered backstage, we saw all five members of the Backstreet Boys: A.J., Brian, Nick, Howie, and Kevin, ready to make their introduction. A.J., the rebel of the group, was the first to approach. We held out our hands to offer handshakes, but we received hugs instead. The rest of the group followed his lead. One by one Kevin, Howie, Brian, and Nick each gave a loving hug. We introduced ourselves and welcomed them to Las Vegas. All the members were very down to earth and exceptionally nice. Finally, we all posed for a photo to mark the occasion. We then said goodbye and wished the group a great show.

After our unforgettable experience, we were seated in the audience. We watched a new singer, Crystal, open the show. She played the piano and sang beautifully. The audience also seemed to enjoy her performance, as they cheered for her as she exited the stage. Next, Sisqo, known all over for his “Thong Song” came out. He brought the crowd to their feet with his slick moves and jumpin’ grooves. He performed hits from his R&B album, “Enter the Dragon,” which got some audience members dancing in their seats. After he was through, it was the Backstreet Boys' turn to perform.
With flashes of light and sound, the Backstreet Boys entered the stage with pop flavor and energetic production. They wore flashy clothes and moved about the stage with remarkable energy. Their show proved to be upbeat and even romantic as the Backstreet Boys sang their lively pop songs as well as soft ballads. We recognized songs instantly from their albums, “Millennium” and “Black and Blue.” We totally enjoyed the concert, and the crowd agreed. All we could hear were continuous screams, cheers, and loud applause throughout the show. When it was over, we left the Arena and headed out to our car. All we could think of was our amazing encounter with the Backstreet Boys and the remarkable show they put on. These boys are truly larger than life.