Las Vegas' First Television Soap Opera

By: Polly Peluso

It was so interesting to meet with the handsome, exciting new "Lone Ranger," actor/producer Scott Shepherd, as he was telling me all about the new Las Vegas television soap opera, "Dream Boulevard." Shepherd is currently co-producing the show.
I wanted first, however, to know how it came about that he was selected as the new "Lone Ranger," which was a very popular show in the 50s. As a native Texan I said, "I bet you can really ride a horse and shoot guns real well and probably come from Texas." "Well, no ma'am," he replied, "I'm from New York City!"
It turns out Shepherd is not only a very professional actor since the age of 11 and raised in Greenwich, Conn. but also was trained and educated like you can't believe. He is an excellent certified marksman and the youngest ever to be inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Given horse-riding lessons since the age of 10, singing lessons since age seven, and having his own TV show, he is now also doing promotions for "Lone Ranger" all over the place. Scott lives in Las Vegas, and this year was awarded the "Key to the City" in his capacity as the "Lone Ranger" and for giving much time to children's causes, by our darling Mayor Oscar Goodman.
Shepherd was anxious to get on with the interview about his newest adventure, and that is the world's first reality-based soap opera television show, "Dream Boulevard." Twenty to 28 "guest stars" per week have the opportunity to act with four to seven celebrities in this weekly soap opera based in Las Vegas. "Guest stars" may become national celebrities, as well as celebrities in their hometown. It will be nationally and internationally televised. Segments of the show will be shown on weekly variety talk shows regularly. The show features a continuing story, outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage. There will be future spin-offs based on other themes and locations. "Dream Boulevard" may very well discover tomorrow's stars. Is this exciting or what? It's something even better than Las Vegas had ever dreamed of for TV.
The way to get to be a guest star is very unique indeed. Each week descriptions of roles needed for the next segment are explained by the sponsors. NO PICTURES are allowed for submission. Looks are of no consideration. What then, I wondered? "First come, first served," was the response. If the part calls for a 50-year-old schoolteacher, and you think you can do that part, go for it immediately by responding in the way you will be given to do so by the show's sponsors. Their makeup artists can work wonders.
Should you be the lucky one, you are in a "dream" experience, living your fantasy. John or Jane Q. Public "guest star" will be flown in by National Airlines, the official airline of "Dream Boulevard," picked up at the airport in a luxury limousine and delivered to an exclusive hotel-casino for five days and four nights (Sunday through Thursday). Master chef-prepared cuisine will be yours (Monday through Wednesday) and a wrap party is included. Have a starring role with real 

soap opera stars. Be given a Soap Fantasy leather bound script binder, bathrobe and coffee mug. You will also receive a videotaped copy of the finished "Dream Boulevard" episode with a script autographed by the celebrity guest stars. In addition to all of that, there's a wrap party at one of the casino restaurants, pictures with stars featured in Las Vegan magazine, and behind the scenes featured on the "Las Vegan Report" weekly TV show. And there's much more! See
These are some of the soap opera stars you will work with:
Darlene Vogel, "One Life to Live" and "Pacific Blue." "This is an awesome idea."
Jeremy Slate, "Guiding Light" and "As The World Turns." "This is a wonderful idea, I can't wait to be a player in this."
Ilene Kristen, "One Life to Live" and "Another World." "Best of luck on this project, sounds great."
Michael Storm, "One Life to Live" and "JAG." "In my 35 years of acting, this is a great project."
Marilyn Chris, "Third Watch" and "One Life to Live." "I look forward to this show being a hit."
Robert Kelker Kelly, "General Hospital" and "Touched By An Angel." "This will be interesting and a lot of fun."
Peter Breck, "General Hospital" and "Big Valley." "Wow, there will be a lot of people wanting to be part of this."
Kristoff St. John, "Young and The Restless" and "Generations." "Cool idea. This show will be an exciting must for soap fans."
Some of the other committed actors: Kassie Depaiva, "One Life to Live" and Baywatch." Krista Tesreau, "Guiding Light," "One Life to Live" and "Silk Stalkings." David Fumero, "One Life to Live." Ty Treadway, "One Life to Live" and "Ally McBeal." Roy Thinnes, "General Hospital" and "The X Files." Robert Krimmer, "Days of Our Lives" and "Babylon 5." Ron Hale, "General Hospital" and Port Charles." Tamara Clatterbuck, "Days of Our Lives." Alisa Reyes, "Bold and the Beautiful."
Shepherd and myself have been in the movie industry one way or another for years so we know what a difference it can make in anyone's life to be part of this brand new soap opera. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is all explained in your Soap Fantasy "Guest Star" package.
This just has to be the ultimate Las Vegas experience. Go for it and may the luckiest person succeed!