By: Polly Peluso

Wayne Newton, "Mr. Las Vegas," lost 40 big ones--weight that now leaves him looking even more sensational than ever. He is still the "golden-haired boy" at the Stardust Hotel.
Jennifer Celi, my Hollywood/L.A. partner, is now busy working happily on the new TV show, "Ellen Again." Celi reports that it is a happy set because Ellen De Generes herself is happy again at long last. Ellen's three-year romance with Anne Heche ended very sadly for both of them. Anne Heche has recently married and is also very happy.
When Julia Roberts was here in Las Vegas filming "Ocean's Eleven" with a raft of stars including George Clooney, she was so robust with the male stars that her longtime boyfriend, Benjamin Bratt decided their romance was over. But that did not dent Julia's romantic desires and now she has enticed a young married cameraman, Danny Moder to leave his wife for her. This time she may have chewed off more than she can eat, as Danny Moder's father is TV icon Mike Moder, and he is more than disgusted with their behavior.
A delightful affair at the Tropicana Hotel, indeed. First the media were treated to one of the most succulent steak dinners that could be prepared at the Savanna. Then we were treated to the illusionary magic of Rick Thomas with his Bengal tigers to enthrall us. This very popular afternoon show gives us more surprises, wonder and amazement in one hour than you would think possible.
Joe Behar (Community Drama 


Workshop at Gold Coast) is busy writing a new TV sitcom, "Pass the Bagels." Many talented writers can be found in Las Vegas. My most lucrative assignment lately was not for my writing but a three-day speaking engagement in the Washington D.C. area about how to get an agent. (I was a Hollywood agent for many years). I shared beauty tips for the young and the older, as well. It was great fun for me chatting about the many stars I have represented in the past.
The longtime anniversary for "Jubilee" at Bally's was awesome. The costumes, the production itself, the talent and the newest changes were just thrilling--it's one of the best shows on the Strip. A delightful fashion show from Tres Chic Nicole was held at the V-Bar at the Venetian Hotel. The party dresses were flimsy, provocative and lovely. An uninvited L.A. camera crew came over from the M.A.G.I.C. show to film and absolutely devoured the lavish buffet in three minutes. The good part is I am sure the filming was given wide exposure in L.A. with the beautiful models from Florida.
Connie Ross and Gary Campbell gave a dazzling, glamorous wedding of a real marriage at Imperial Palace to celebrate the many, many marriages that have been conducted here in Las Vegas. Amongst the honored guests was our own Rep. Shelley Berkley, U.S. Congresswoman. I love Las Vegas! It's always exciting.