Ram wasn't built in a day.

PERHAPS NO OTHER TRUCK in the past 25 years became so easily recognizable as the '94 Ram 1500, with its massive horsecollar grille and "big-rig" styling reminiscent of over-the-road haulers. But the bold exterior look was just part of the package, for Ram also offered the most powerful lineup of engines, superior ride and handling able to rival some sedans, not to mention interior features that had, up to that point, been reserved strictly for cars.
The 1994 Ram changed forever the public perception of the full-size pickup, because it showed once and for all that a truck could be an everyday vehicle with no compromise in styling, comfort, and driving pleasure. 
Dodge Ram's market share jumped from 8 to 20 percent in 1994, spurred largely by the emotional reaction the truck created in buyers. The introduction of the '94 Ram was nothing less than a phenomenon, setting it apart from the rest of the pack. It was the vehicle that rejuvenated the Dodge truck brand and launched Dodge as a major force in the market, as the brand jumped from less than 80,000 units in 1993 to more than 400,000 by 1999. 
The incredible response that the redesigned 1994 Ram produced among truck buyers and media alike was unprecedented. The radical, bold design changed truckdom forever. A pickup truck could be as comfortable, spacious, and well-appointed as a luxury sedan, yet retain the versatility, strength, and cargo area that only a truck provides. The revolution had begun. 
"A lot of that [increased market] was because it was a truck that had a lot of breakthrough emotion. It was really different from anything out there," explained Paul Shefferly, Director of Truck Program Management. "We looked for a truck that had a lot of reach to it." 
So the platform team at Dodge knew very well what a strong emotional connection Ram owners had with their trucks, when they set out to create a pickup that was even better looking, more pleasurable to drive and travel in, and even more capable. 
"We had the challenge of maintaining the loyalty of our customers, which we know in the truck segment is a very big deal. It's one of the most loyal segments in the industry. And at the same time, we had to leapfrog back out in front of our competition." 
-Scott Kunselman, Senior Manager, Vehicle Development for Ram. 
"Our traditional users drive the design to be tough. They are the hardest users. Then there are personal-use buyers who expect the same safety, amenities, and comfort as in their sport-utility and passenger cars. We're trying to bridge the wide gap between both tough and comfortable." 
-Paul Shefferly, Director of Truck Program Management.