Art Scene

Last month was very exciting
on the art scene from coast to coast...

By Audrey Roberts

In an interview with TVUK [United Kingdom], I was asked, "who are your favorite artists?" Since this was on camera, I quickly replied GOD, DALI AND DISNEY!
Las VegasLater on I thought, they are all men and all dead. Significantly, I pondered, God created me, Disney inspired my artistic nature, and Seņor Dali’s artwork launched my career as an art consultant. During the 80s print boom in America, it was Dali, the Father of Surrealism, and one of four 20th century masters, that gave recognition to this country’s collectors. Yes, people were replacing family photos on the wall with Dali Lithographs.
Las VegasBruce Hockman has compiled a 500-piece Dali exhibition currently displayed at the Las Vegas Art Museum (LVAM), 9600 West Sahara. I was present at the 1992 LA Convention Center original viewing and must say the museum’s atmosphere gives it greater justice. The work that caught my eye was an original oil titled, "VISION from HELL," on loan from the Blue Army Lady of Fatima International Catholic organization. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this painting merits several thousand.
Las VegasIt was a very impressive turnout for the exhibition. Director, Joe Palermo, Curator, Dr. James Mann, are due many thanks for their hard work and diligence, as well as a Bravo to Elaine Lewis. I can sincerely say the gap between east and west has been bridged. With all of the support it’s been given, the LVAM is truly a cultural space worthy of visiting. From May 3 to June 4, 2000, LVAM will host "ASIAN ART NOW: 2000," an impressive cross-section of contemporary art from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It will truly ensure LVAM’s inclusion in an exclusive League of American Museums. For more information call (702) 360-8000.







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Las Vegas
Dali's "Vision from Hell" -- 1962.

After the Dali exhibition I flew to Anthony Quinn’s home where I was given the opportunity to take part in the production of a 60-minute TV show for the BBC. Secluded on a 20-acre peninsula, surrounded by water, gardens, trails and art creations, they filmed a living legend. In a quiet interview in his 10 square foot, 125-year-old studio, he revealed Quinn the artist. The actor was secondary. This highly charged exchange will expose his two greatest loves, family and art. After nearly 300 films, Mr. Quinn was ready to share that side of his sensitivity—himself. The show is scheduled to air in the USA at the end of the year. Stay tuned!
Las VegasART EXPO NY was the biggest ever this season. New artists, technology, great networking, with an emphasis on POP ART. With Peter Max and his colorful COWS present, the way was made for other famed Pop artists like Steve Kaufman, Charles Fazzino and Simon Bull, awarding-winning artists from the UK. Simon is definitely establishing a BULL market here in the USA.
Las VegasColor, Color, happy, happy art was definitely the theme. What’s hot? What’s not? What’s next… ARTV hotline at (702) 242-8811. Toll free! (877) 717-2788 or Email: LVN